Monday, March 31, 2008


What a night! I didn't realize how crazy it would be, but we had so much FUN! The night got off to a rough start when we got to Fat Cats and I realized I forgot to bring shoes for myself. Yes, I went to dinner barefoot. I am brainless these days, but at least we were just going bowling. I only lost Kaden 1 time (thanks nice Fat Cats employee for returning my son to me before I had a breakdown). Kaden loooooooooves bowling, tries to talk me into going to the bowling alley nearly every day so I thought it would be fun! And it was!

Heres my boy, he insists on throwing the ball himself. After a running start he just lets it crash onto the lane. Luckily they had 5 pound balls so he wasn't quite so dangerous.

Ava is such a sweetheart!!! It was her first time bowling and she didn't know what to think. One hour and 3 frames later she sort of lost interest but can you blame her?

Lexi was cracking me up, she was soooo obsessed with the balls and running all over the lanes. I loved it!

Hadley wasn't quite big enough to bowl the ball so she just tried to knock the pins over herself :-) Morgan got a workout chasing that girl up and down the lanes all night!!!

The "Big" kids Hadley, Kaden, Ava and Lexi

My two handsome boys!
The Little Kids, Slade Presley and Payton
Payton loved bowling sooooo much, can't you tell?
Kaden's a pro, look a that form!
Finally awake for the first time in a week! This girl sleeps more than any baby I know!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Weekend...

A week late, but here are the pictures! We had a really good Easter weekend this year, Kaden was so excited about the eggs (he has a weird obsession with eggs, he always wants to crack them) and for the Easter Bunny to come! Saturday morning we took them down to Thanksgiving Point for the Easter Egg Hunt. They had activities for kids and a big easter egg hunt for all the different age groups. We got there at 9:00 am and it was FREEZING! We quickly did a few activities with Kaden, and as soon as the egg hunt was over we were out of there!

Kaden got a race car painted on his face

James had to leave early to get to work so Todd took Kaden on the Easter Egg hunt! There were about a million kids out there, they were lucky to get a bunch of eggs! Todd said that Kaden only wanted to get the pink eggs, hmmm.....

Had to get some hot chocolate to warm up before we froze!!!

We had a neighborhood party that afternoon at the park. Kaden still couldn't figure out that you are supposed to find the eggs and put them in your basket, I had to follow him around, point the eggs out and tell him what to do with it. I guess this whole easter thing is a little new to him....

Dying Eggs..

The Easter Bunny brought Kaden some big boy underwear. I think it is about that time, Ahhhhh!
Easter Sunday, my two kiddos! Payton looked so cute in her Easter dresss that Kaden couldn't resist giving his little sis a kiss!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My new Golf Club!

Today was a great day for Kaden because he got to go pick up his new golf club that Grandpa Scott had ordered for him! My dad is so sweet, he took Kaden to the golf store the other day while we were having a shower for my cousin Jenn. Kaden for some reason golfs left handed so my dad ordered him in a lefty golf club that was just his size. Lately he has had an intense obsession with golfing.... aside from his obsession with basketball, bowling and pretend football. Every time we are at my parents he heads straight outside to hit the golfballs with clubs that are twice his size, so at least now he can head straight outside with a club that actually fits him! It is funny how boys are naturally so drawn to sports! I love it, I just can't wait until it is warm enough for Kaden to swing that club somewhere other than my hardwood floor, I can't count how many times a day I am yelling "only on the carpet!!!" Thanks Dad!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome Home Drew!!!

I just wanted to do an update on a post that I wrote a few months ago on my cousin Jenn, her husband Eric and their little baby Drew. This week sweet little Drew was able to come home from the hospital! I know a lot of people have been following their story and it is a truly amazing one. Little Drew was unexpectedly born at 24 weeks weighing one pound four ounces. No matter what challenge was put in front of them Jenn and Eric were true examples of faith, patience, hope, determination, the list goes on and on! They have spent every day of the last four months traveling to the hospital to be with their little guy. They tell the story of their journey much better than I could ever tell it on their own family blog, but I really just wanted to express my excitement and love for the Towner Family and to say Welcome Home Drew!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Family Pictures

This week we had our family pictures taken! The morning was a bit chaotic being that we had to have the pictures taken before James went to work, that meant a really early wake up for Kaden. He was very grouchy and uncooperative, we had to bribe him with everything imaginable to mankind (fruit snacks, cookies, chocolate milk, chocolate cookies, going to the golf store, watching TV etc. etc. etc........... the list goes on) Not a smart idea, however despite my toddlers bad mood she was able to get some really sweet pictures! She does such a wonderful job, you can check her out at Here are some of my favorites:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Week!

This week has really flown by! It makes me realize how quickly time flew by with Kaden, how quickly they grown. I love being a mother of two! It is amazing to have a new baby in our family, and a totally new experience to have a girl. I absolutly LOVE it! Kaden love his new little sis BUT, as some of you with multiple kids may have already experienced, has been screaming (literally screaming) for attention. He is super grouchy and I honestly can't blame him. I have been slightly out of commision because of my c-section and haven't been able to give him the attention I would like to of. But tomorrow's a new day! I just had to post some pictures of Payton in her first week home. She is such a good baby, other than the fact that she will not eat for more that 30 seconds at a time, but we will work on that.....

Aunt Ash gave Payton her first manicure... don't want to scratch up that pretty face!

Kaden my love bug wrestling with Mokie (who has also been suffering from attention withdrawls)