Sunday, March 15, 2009

the QUADS are 21!

So it was just a mere 21 years ago that my wonderful brothers and sisters were born....Happy Birthday Greg, Jordan, Heidi and Amy!

(if you ever read this...greg and jordan you are on missions, you have an excuse)

Most of those who know me know I have quadruplets for brothers and sisters! (not to be confused with quadriplegic, there has been a mix-up in the past) I think back 21 or so years ago having quadruplets wasn't so common, because nowadays people are having like 7 or 8 babies at a time octomom style.....but back then the quads were quite the story, even got a little news time ( Baby X 4 they were called) and a documentary video that was actually still seen in childhood development when I was in high school. Kind of funny....

Posted by PicasaThis picture is so cute, from left to right there is Amy, Heidi, Jordan and Greg. I just have to give my parents serious props. I don't think you could fully appreciate what it would be like to have a 5 year old, a 2 year old and 4 babies (with Tay arriving a mere 2 years later) until you have kids of your own! Seriously, I don't know how in the world they did it! Day by day I guess? What else is there!
Well, we had a fun time celebrating their birthdays this weekend! Greg is currently serving a mission in Lima, Peru and Jordan is serving a sign language mission in Rochester, New York. We were sad they weren't here to celebrate, although we may have Jordans mission cell phone number and we may have called and left him a happy birthday message on his phone because he didn't answer....
We can't wait for them to be home June 17th!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She's 1!!!

Well, the day has come and gone...and Payton is officially one! Can't believe it! We had a great time celebrating her birthday and are soooo thankful for all the wonderful people in Payton's life who helped make this such a special day for her.
Payton at 1 year is.....
-28.5 inches long (25%)
-21.1 pounds (50%)
-Has just a baby bit of brown hair, sadly much less than she was born with!
-8 teeth, 4 on top, 4 on bottom
-just learned how to crawl!
-has ZERO interest in walking
-pulls herself up to her knees, not quite to the feet yet!
-says dadda, momma, heidi, ouch, ohhhhh, hi, and nana (banana)
-loves to blow kisses (well, sometimes) and wave hi and bye
-eats EVERYTHING but hates drinking milk :-(
-loves to dance to music
-likes to hold the phone up to her ear and say "hi"
-copies what you do (dance, shake your head, cough or sneeze)
-she is almost always happy!

We love our little Payton soooo much!

We had a little birthday bash on Saturday to celebrate.....

Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Scott with their most favorite (and only) Granddaughter

Payton just sat in the middle of chaos as Kaden ripped open all of her presents for her

What? It's not my party?

Payton wasn't quite sure what to do with her cake so......

she needed a little persuasion

before she finally dug in. Yummmmm

Since Sunday was her actual birthday my mom made her another cake so we could celebrate 1 more time. You only have a first birthday once...right?

And off to bed after a looooong weekend! Love ya Payton!

And on a different note, hasn't the warm(er) weather been fabulous!!!! I have had serious Spring Fever, but I think I got my hopes up too soon because as I write this it may actually be snowing :-( Anyone want to move to St. George? I do!!!! I am sick of the snow! Kaden looooved being able to go outside and "shoot hoops" and play golf. I loved not having him in the house all day!

Love it.