Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or TreaT!

Trick or Treat, but mostly just treats please...These are Kaden's only 2 cousins Alex and Braxton.
He loves them both, and is only 7 weeks older than Braxton,
but really has a special bond with older cousin Alex (above)

Kaden was very excited to learn that today everyone wanted to give him CANDY.


We just got home from our vacation to Cancun with my family.
We had such a good time, doing nothing but relaxing for a week straight!
We spent most of the time at the pool and the ocean, which is so beautiful in
Cancun. Kaden LOVED the sand and the water. His schedule was wake up, eat, swim, eat,
nap, swim, eat, sleep. Oh, and watch Charlottes Web about 4 times a day. Needless to say we all
had a really good time!

My baby bump was suddenly more obvious than not,
Thought I might share.....

We took a "tour" of Cozumel on a carriage ride
while my family was scuba diving. Not too much to
see but we killed some time :) It was way too windy to
swim and you can only do so much bargain shopping.

The Cook Fam at the Crab House
(Kaden was terrified of the scuba diver on the left)

Kaden loved "surfin" on his body board with Aunt Amy

While we were shopping in Cozumel there was this little monkey sitting in front of one of the shops. When I went to take a picture of James and Kaden by the monkey it tried to climb on Kaden, which totally freaked him out! He still won't stop talking about it.

Kaden was seranaded at lunch

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's a GIRL!!!!

Its a Girl!!! I can't even begin to express my excitement that we are going to be adding a little girl to our family. Even though I have had several ultrasounds during the course of my pregnancy due to my hemmorhage they were never able to tell the sex of the baby. I was being very impatient and dragged James to Fetal Fotos today. I was beyond excited when the technician told me we were having a little girl! Kaden kept saying it was a baby sister, not a baby brother and I guess he was right!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our Neighborhood Party...

This was our Neighborhood Halloween Party at the park in the middle of our neighborhood. They had food and fun games for all the little kids. Kaden was a little too young for most of them, but he did enjoy the doughnut on a string. He wasn't too successful though, I finally had to just pull it off and let him eat it......

Kaden and Hadley looked so cute in their costumes : )
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This weekend was so great, because we finally got our yard in! (Well, half of it at least). It went really fast cause we had a lot of help from friends and family, plus Kaden "helped" a lot. I was excited to have some dirt coverage before the snow gets here!!!! My dog had been dragging in all sorts of dirt into my house. Who knew that grass could be such a luxury : )

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Kadens Favorite Things

For the moment, two of Kaden's favorite things are his
"Wii" Remote (we had to get him his own because he got so
upset when he couldn't play tennis with Daddy), and also his
golf club, or his "golf pub" as he calls it. It was funny to catch
him sound asleep on the couch with both of these in hand!

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This is a typical morning with Kaden. He insists on
doing everything himself, eating included. Needless to
say, the kitchen floor needs a mopping daily.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

James and I took Kaden to the pumkin patch at Engh Floral this week to pick out some pumpkins. I was looking for an actual patch where you could walk around and pick your own pumpkins but my search was unsucessful! It was a ton of fun though, they have it all decorated with a pirate ship, a childrens hay maze, and lots of other neat decor and things. Kaden picked out some pumkins for us and the new baby and Mokie of course, we had a lot of fun! He has been excited about pumpkins ever since he saw them at the grocery store a couple weeks ago so we made a big deal about going for him :)

James and Kaden

Kaden helped load them into the car....