Monday, July 28, 2008

Lake Powell!

O man, do I love Lake Powell! We had such a fun time as always, great weather, water, etc. etc. etc. Thanks Cook Fam for another great trip!

The first thing Kaden wanted to do was Fish! He was so into, and even "caught" a few for himself :-)

We played a little Guitar Hero....
Happy Birthday to Ty, Fo, and Me!

Kaden and Paytons first nap together, ahhhh
Kaden and his lizard "Piggy"

Drews first ride on the tube, cant ya tell he looooved it?!
Ty attempted to take Kaden surfing with him but this is about as far as they got

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July!!!

Fouth of July was a blast! We spent the day at the pool then went up to The Irvings cabin for a bbq. It is so beautiful up there! Later that night we headed to Midway for fireworks. It was so fun!

Kaden and Hadley are best of buddies

My little sparkler

Summer Lovin'

I love the summer! So relaxing and fun to be able to so many different things outside. Kaden loves putting on his biking gear just to wear around the house :-)

Payton is getting soooo Big! She is now 4 Months Old and getting to be more fun every day! At her 4 month check-up she was 17.9 pounds ( 97+ %) and 25.5 inches (75 %) so she is still 3 pounds lighter than Kaden was at her age but she is definitly a chunky monkey. She is the best baby, so sweet and laid back. She is an awesome sleeper (12 hours most nights!) I just love her!!!!

We Love the ZOO!

We just went to the Zoo with Melissa and Bracken and had a blast! It was soooo hot (ever had to push a double stroller with a 36 pound toddler and an 18 pound infant up the steepest hill ever?) I was sweating but it was still a blast. Kaden and Bracken cooled off in the drinking fountains and I drank my water bottle full of boiling hot water
Kaden, Bracken and a Llama

I was afraid Payton was going to roast but she did pretty good stayin cool
CAn you see the giant APE in the picture! The kids loved it

Adios to the Zoo, see ya next time!


Oh I just love boating, I wish we went more! This day we went with my family to Utah Lake, which is great since it is now only 15 minutes from my house!! Payton does awesome on the boat and Kaden does great too now that he is a little older. He likes to just watch people do their thing and occasionally holds the flag.

Tay was so cute with Payton, he got her laughing for the first time!

My dad out on the tube with Kaden, I was afraid I would never get him out again after I sunk him in the water boating with Todd and Morgan :-(

Grandma Sherri with the Kiddos

Ash and Forrest are getting married August 22nd, Yay! I am so excited!