Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slip n' Slide!

Today was a great day. We got to spend good, quality time with the fabulous weather. Kaden has been asking and asking for at least a month "Is it warm enough today to get out the slip-n-slide??" {my $6.00 purchase at Kohls}. After a very hectic trip with Morgan, Hadley and Preston to chic-fil-a, and an even more eventful trip to Costco.....we came home, went on a walk and Morgan suggested we pull out the slip-n-slide. What a great idea, Kaden could hardly wait! We had so much fun watching all the kids line up and make their way down the slide. I could spend all summer doing this, I think.

I love how Hadley inched her way down the slide each time, not quite having the guts to run and go for it.

The girls loved splashing in the water.

All the kids, lining up to take their turn.

Pay sure wore herself out! Ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Monday, May 31, 2010

He's Off!

He's Going....

My little Kaden is growing up. Finally mastered the bike without training wheels! Didn't take much for him once he decided he wanted to do it. It's still a little tricky getting started, oh and stopping is pretty much crashing. But once he gets riding he is totally great! He was so thrilled, he of course had to call everyone immediately and let them know how "awesome" he was at bike riding. He loves to tell everyone around them how great his is at this and that, whether they care or not doesn't really matter to him.
He seems to be claiming his independence lately, he wants to go out and run around with all of the "boys" in the neighborhood. As a mom we want our children to have friends, but it is hard to realign our boundaries and "let go" a bit.
Miss Payton wants to claim her independence a lot sooner that I would like. Can't you just stay with mommy and love me and only me for awhile? I know your big brother is running around outside but lets just have some girl time once in awhile!  

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monte L. Bean Museum

Kaden had his last day of school on Thursday, it was also his field trip day. They went to and interesting place on the BYU campus called the Monte L. Bean Museum. It is basically an entire museum of animals {stuffed} on display. I think the highlight was definitely the live animals the kids got to see at the end. They got to touch an iguana, a snake, and a turtle. Payton also liked touching these animals, which surprised me being that a ladybug could bring her to tears if it got too close.
They ended their field trip with lunch outside on the grass. The kids were excited to see that the big turtle was also out on the lawn eating lunch right next to them. Kaden, Payton and I of course didn't end our field trip there......we had to make a stop at Krispy Kreme on our way home for a doughnut :-) Perfect end to our day!

The Aquarium

Oh, the aquarium. It has provided us with hours and hours of entertainment this year, when the weather is too cold to play outside! Kaden's favorite things about the aquarium are: 
1. Petting the sting rays. He loves this and has to touch at least one each time we go!
2. Driving the "boat". There is always a fight over this one.
3. The store on the way out. I let him buy a toy once so naturally he would assume we would get one every time, right?! {wrong}

I asked Payton the same question, "What is your very favorite thing to see at the Aquarium?" Her response was "Hadley". Of course, I shouldn't expect any different. For Payton, everything is fun when Hadley is around!
Hopefully we won't be seeing the Aquarium for a while, and will be spending all of our free time at the pool/zoo/park, any place that takes us in the sun!!
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I did it Myself!

Look Mom, I got dressed all by myself! Spongebob t-shirt, check. Kaden's pajama top, check. Green polka dot pj top, check. Oh, and don't forget the pink pants underneath the oversized spongebob t-shirt, check.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preschool Program

This weekend Kaden had his end of the year preschool program. They had a theme of "Nursery Rhymes", all of their songs were based on several different nursery rhymes they had learned. It was so fun to watch Kaden sing all of the songs (I had no idea he knew). He was one of the "3 Blind Mice" and was excited to play his part! Although he was a little shy up on the stage he did so good, we are so proud of him! So, first year of preschool down. Only 14 more years of school to go. Wow, well that just means I have many more years of fun programs and such to look forward to!!!

After the program was over all of the kids got their certificates, and their "alphabet journals" they have been working on all year.
Kaden and Payton with Grandpa Scott and Grandma Sherri!
Kaden and his preschool teacher Mrs. Daniels
Kaden loves going to school with his buddy Parker!!!
Payton loved seeing her Bubba up on the stage singing all of the songs. His is such a good big brother, we love you buddy!!! After the program we all headed over to Kneaders for some yummy breakfast. We had a great day. Now we can't wait for it to warm up enough to start off our summer at the pool!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

T-ball's a bust!!!

It seems like every day that Kaden has a t-ball game it seems to be either freezing or raining. Yesterday it happened to be raining. The 2 games prior were cancelled because of rain but lucky for us (not really) it started raining just as the game started so we played through it. The boys actually really enjoyed themselves. That's why I miss being a kid, you don't notice things like rain, or at least you don't see them as something to complain about. They all huddled up in a circle and played games....not sure what kind of games but they were sure having a good time! Despite the bad weather I have enjoyed watching Bubba play. I'm sure it will warm up just in time for their season to end :-)

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pirates Eat Breakfast

Pirates eat oatmeal for breakfast...

They make messes too, of course.

Today's dress up of choice was the pirate patch. Why not? Payton is a funny girl. So different than Kaden was at her age. Maybe it's a girl thing? She makes me laugh every day with her funny personality, I just love ya Pay!
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T Ball

It's that time of year again, and I couldn't be more excited! Spring is here which means we get to spend more time outside doing thing we T-Ball! Kaden is so excited to play this year, he is much more confident now and get's really excited about going to his games! I just hope the weather is good for the next few weeks so we can enjoy our time on the field! He has a fun team with lot's of fun friends, so Go Yankee's!

Parker and Kaden somehow ended up with the same number...cute though!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Payton is TWO

I can't believe my little baby girl is two! I feel so lucky to have this little sweetheart in our family. Payton is such a fun and sweet little thing. Lindsay did such a good job of capturing her personality, I had to post some of the adorable pictures she took.....