Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kaden, the Artist

So last night I went and picked up some pink paint to test out a color for the nursery. As I was brushing the color on the wall Kaden was obviously interested and wanted to help out, so I made the mistake of letting him take the brush and painting a little bit on the wall.....and leaving the paint (the lid closed of course) on the floor in the bedroom. This morning James walked in to find that Kaden had pried the paint bucket open and proceeded to paint all over the walls and doors in the nursery, down the hall, the bathroom and his bedroom. Not to mention a huge portion of the CARPET, the brand new WHITE rug I just bought for the nursery, the shelf, several of his toys, our dog Mokie and himself. I felt bad getting mad at him, it really was my own fault for leaving the paint out, and plus he was so proud of himself! Needless to say, we were able to get the paint off the walls, though most of the toys went in the garbage. I was lucky to find a carpet cleaner that was nice enough to come out within 25 minutes of my desperate phone call. I'm sure I am yet to find many marks of this artistic adventure, but for now....disaster averted

Poor Mokie.... you can't see it from the picture but he has paint all over his back

This wall actually got the least of it but I didn't pull my camera out until most of the paint was cleaned up

Thanks Kelly's Deep Clean!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Farewell 2007....

Each of these pictures is a memory that I will always remember!
-Kaden so cute in his high chair and bib
-The "swimming lessons" that Kaden took with Ava, Rylee and Lexi
-Kaden falling asleep with a Diet Coke in his hand (aren't I the best mother?)
-Building our first home
-Going to the Jazz games with Kaden, plus his obsession with the Jazz Bear
-Lake Powell! Too many fun times to count!
-Our Carribean Cruise with our wonderful friends!
-Bobsledding in Park City with my family just before the boys left
-My 2 wonderful brothers getting their mission calls and leaving us for 2 years!!!!
-Les Mis with my mom and sisters
-Losing my Grandma who I LOVE so much!!!!
-The fourth of July
-Our trips to the Zoo
-Kaden's first time on a horse
-Taking Kaden on the tube for the first time
-Visiting the Pumpkin Patch and letting Kaden pick out his pumpkin
-Finding out we are having a GIRL!!!!
-Cancun with my Family
-Kaden's Superman costume, Halloween and his 2nd Birthday party
-Riding the "Polar Express"
-Keeping Kaden up til midnight on New Year's Eve to have him wake up four hours later ready for the day!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2007 has been a great year for our family, with a lot of changes. We have spent many wonderful times with our family and friends. We moved into our new home, Kaden turned 2, my 2 brothers left on their missions, we found out we are expecting a baby girl in March, and countless other great memories and adventures! I am so thankful for my family, I want James and Kaden to know how much I love them!!!!! We are so excited to see what 2008 will bring!

New Year's Eve at the Wright's

Pregnant Girls! I know you can barely tell Kira is pregnant but she is due in like 5 weeks! Not fair.....

Kaden and Ava shared their New Year's kiss :)
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