Sunday, June 17, 2007

See Ya in 2, We will Miss You!!!

Last Morning to wake up with Kaden jumping on the bed.....

So the day actually came after much anticipation (on Greg and Jordans part) and many tears for the rest of us. Ashley and I ended up packing most of their stuff the morning of and Kaden jumped into their suitcase. We were only an hour and a half late to the MTC but we had to take our time to take some last pictures of course! We are so proud of them and know they will be awesome missionaries!!! The MTC was tough but we got our first letters and they are doing so good!
We Love you Greg and Jordan!!!!!!


The day before Greg and Jordan left, we all went up to
Park City to ride the Bobsleds.
It was a lot of fun,
I would highly recommend it to anyone that is up for a quick thrill!
It goes way fast you can barely control your body,
but it is all over in about a minute!Thats me in the back, Heidi, Amy
and our Driver in the Front! Tay, Ash, Amy, Heidi, Me, Jordan, James and Greg

Kaden was so sad when we went down,
he was crying with Grandpa the whole Time!

We made it to the bottom!!!

1:01:88, Top speed 68.1 MPH!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


We just got back from our Western Carribean cruise that we went on with some of our closest friends. It was so much fun, although we did have to leave Kaden home for a whole week! That was hard of course but it was fun for me and James to take a little trip alone!
Here's the group! The Morzelewskis, the Ferrans, the Olsens, the Lichties, the Whites, the Wrights, and the Nielsens
Sting Ray City......sooooo much fun!

The one random one we picked up on the ship. Lancelot?????


Last weekend we went boating at Utah Lake with my family. It was a beautiful day and for once Kaden actually enjoyed wearing his life jacket! He loves being on the boat and watching his aunts and uncles surf. Here he is with Aunt Amy, Uncle Greg and Uncle Jo-Jo.

Greg and Jordans Mission Calls

Greg and Jordan are leaving a week from wednesday to the MTC, I can't believe it! Greg is going to Lima, Peru Spanish speaking and Jordan is going to Tuscon, Arizona Sign Language Mission. We are all so sad for them to go, but happy at the same time. Their nephew Kaden will miss them sooooo much! It's crazy how much changes in 2 years......

Everyone made their guesses on this map, although I don't think anyone guessed right