Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Catchin UP

We have had a pretty busy month or excuse for my lack of blogging but I figured I would play a little catch-up and post some pictures! My kids are getting so big, especially Payton. It seems that when they are so young a month can hold so many new things, walking (ok, not quite yet) talking (lots of this), new mannerisms, expressions, loves, hates, etc. I'm so thankful to be around to catch nearly all of these things every day :-) I love being a mom, although i do have the occasional fear that I may not be doing enough here, or there (doesn't everyone????) Which reminds me that I did not take any pictures from Mothers Day BUT I did have a great day, I think that was one of the many holidays/events that have passed without me sitting my butt down to document our family via the BLOG. We just took our first trip down to Lake Powell last weekend and I did not get a single picture. It was quite a memorable trip only because the non-stop rain forced us to wear garbage bag poncho's on the boat to keep us from getting soaked on our way back to the boat ramp. We did have a good time but missed the SUN. Hope to see him next time!!!

St.Patty's Day....yes it was over 2 months ago BUT I did take a picture

Easter was fun as always, spending time with our family.

Bubba loves his little sissy, as long as she is not screaming, hitting him, taking his toys, crawling down the stairs (mooooom!!!! Payton's crawling down the staaaaaairs!!!! followed by tears if I don't act quick enough). He's a good big brother, he looks out for Payton.

Parker, Hadley and Kaden at our neighborhood easter-egg hunt.

Kaden loved dying the easter eggs and painting {lovely} pictures all over them.

It was also my Dad's 50TH Birthday last month! We took him to dinner and had a little surprise party set up for him when we got back to their house. I would like to think he was super surprised, he said he was at least. We decorated the house with lovely pictures like these.....

Jordan Look-Alike????
Creepy Mustache Man, we love ya anyways dad!!!!!!

This was our group shot at Market Street
It was also my little brother Tay's birthday this weekend, turned 18! I didn't get any pictures of that, he skipped out early from his Spaghetti Factory birthday dinner to HANG out with his friends (lame) so we sang happy birthday to his empty chair (literally)

Oh, and last but not least.....some big announcements. Dan and Amber are (finally) engaged!!! Wow, that is big news ;-) They are going to be married on August 22nd! 

    And more great news, my little sister Heidi is also engaged to Sam Watts whom we love and are soooooooo excited!!! They are planning on getting married September 8th! Can't wait!!!