Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An Inspiration...

I just wanted to tell my cousin Jenn, her husband Eric and their little baby Drew what an inspiration they have been to me. Little Drew was born 12 days ago at only 24 weeks. He was one pound four ounces, and came out with a strong will to live. There have been some great up's and down's as expected with such an early entrance into the world, but Eric and Jenn have been so strong. It makes me realize more than ever how important family is, and to cherish each and every day we have together! They have set up a blog for little Drew that is very sweet and touching. Just wanted to share it with anyone who may know Eric and Jenn and wants to send an encouraging word!
Love you Jenn, Eric, Drew and the entire Cook Family!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Temple Square

This weekend we decided to get into the Christmas spirit! We set up all of our Christmas decor, including the tree, then took a
family trip out to Temple Square to see
the lights. It was cold! Freezing cold actually,
and besides that it was packed with people
which made it really hard to navigate the stroller.
Nevertheless, we did have a great time. Nothing says
it's Christmas time than seeing the lights at Temple
Square with the people that you love : )

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Gang

So I know this isn't the best picture, but
I had to post it anyway. I can't believe how fast our
little one's have grown up! Rachel, Jamie, Anjuli and I
all got together to celebrate the up-coming arrival of little
Slade Cowan at Mimi's Cafe. To say it was chaotic would
be an understatement :) We had a good time though!
I just want you girls to know that I love you and am so
grateful for you all as friends!!! Love Ya!!!!

Lexi, Presley, Kaden and Ava (with her baby "Broder")

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Go Jazz!

Monday night we went to the Jazz game, Kaden's first of the Season.
The game itself was a little boring, but we had a good time being there with Kaden!!
He was really into the Jazz Bear and got to give "Big T" a high five! He also got to sport
his D-Will jersey that we got for him at the last game we went to. Go Jazz!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Kindermusik Time!

Kaden and Rylee take this class once a week
called Kindermusik. I don't know if any of you have
heard about it but it is basically a class where they sing
songs, read stories and play with different music instrument
type things with a bunch of other kids ages 1-3.
Anyway, this is the two of them at class :) They LOVE
each other, and Rylee does great in the class, but Kaden isn't the
biggest fan. Our 45 minutes usually consists of me dragging him
around the room and me singing songs and dancing around while
he cry's for me to hold him.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Big 2-year-old!

I can't believe my little Baby Boo is 2 years old!

A part of me thinks it was just yesterday that Kaden was born,

but another part of me can't remember or imagine my life without him!

We are always so excited for the next big thing with our kids;

rolling over, crawling, walking, talking,

and then without even blinking they aren't little babies anymore!

Every stage has been my favorite stage!

Kaden, you are such a big boy and I love you sooooo much!!!

Kaden at 2:
Loves Sesame Street, Dora, Diego and Charlottes Web

Counts to 14 but always skips 5 and 6

Is obsessed with bowling, wants to bowl everything!

Most used phrase is "your buggin me" or "your buggin my (whatever he wants at the moment)

Love's his dog Mokie and thinks he's "so cute!"

His only intrest in potty training is putting his big boy toilet seat on his head

Loves all animals and wants to either hold them or ride on them

Is excited for his baby sister in mommy's tummy :)

Kaden's birthday party was so much fun! All the kids looked so adorable in their costumes, I am so upset I forgot to get a group picture!!!! We had dinner and dessert and the kiddies had a fun time eating donuts off a string and fishing for prizes! Thanks everyone for coming, Kaden is so lucky to have so many wonderful friends!!!!

Ava, Bracken, Rylee and Lexi

Hadley, Kaden and Braxton

We tried to explain to the kids to eat the donuts off the string without using their hands but they are 2 year olds, what did we expect? If anything it made for some cute pictures : ) I also missed a picture of baby Presley, she is absolutely adorable!