Monday, November 10, 2008

What a month!

It has been quite a busy month, as October always seems to be. I am going to blame my lack of blogging on that, plus the fact that my cameras were not working like I wanted them to (I finally got my Nikon back from getting the dumb flash fixed, yeah!!!). Is that a good enough excuse? Hope so. I have made a small attempt to catch up, although I still need to post pictures from Kaden's birthday party! It was a blast so I won't forget! More pictures to come.....but until then here's an update!

Big THREE Year-Old!!!!!

Kaden, when did you turn into a such a Big Boy? I can't believe it, and I am getting tears in my eyes as I type this because I loooooove you more than words can say! I don't know how we got so lucky to be your parents but I just want you to know that you are just about the sweetest, most handsome little boys in the whole world! Happy Birthday (belated, yes I know) but we did have one heck of a party on your birthday so you can't complain about that! You have been talking about your birthday for the past 6 months (yes, I know you REALLY wanted to be 3 just like Ava and Nicholas) and I must say that 3 years suits you well. Love ya Bubba!!!!
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Happy Halloween!!!!!

Wow! Halloween was just about my busiest week of the year, thus far. Complete with Halloween parties, Thriller, Kaden's Birthday, Halloween itself, followed by more partying!!!! I love October and all of the festivities and I have pictures to prove it! We got to break in the kids Halloween costumes at my parent's Ward Hallween Party! Payton loved her chick costume..... chick head and all, suprisingly enough. Kaden, of course loved his costume as well. He was a boxer and if you asked him what he was he would do the punching hand motions to prove it :-)

Kaden and Grandma Sherri and the bean-bag toss

Auntie Amy

Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast on Halloween, no they did not taste like pumpkins. Food coloring and plain pancake mix is about as far as I went.

Later that day we went to James work party, which was completely crazy! They had some 20,000 people at the Omniture building because each department goes all-out on the decorations. James' department did a BYU-Utah theme and brought in real grass to complete the look. It was fun, completely over the top!!

We then headed to the Morzelewski's and got all the cousins together to show off their costumes:

Kaden, Payton, Alex, Jameson and Braxton

Payton was really this happy every single time I put her costume on her!

Trick or Treating around my parents cirlcle, I loooove Halloween!

Kaden using his awesome boxing skills on Foe

We ended the week with a fabulous Halloween Party at the Wrights! I managed to get a picture of almost everyone except James and I, bummer! We dressed up as "guitar heroes" maybe someone else got a picture? We had dinner, played games, the kids laughed AND cried cried cried, definitly a success. Thanks so much Brody and Lindsay for a fantastic end to a fantastic month!!!!!

Pirates Cove!

This was the coolest place ever and Kaden has been talking about it since we left!! The Olsen's were kind enough to bring us and the Ferrans along for a wonderful weekend to Pirates Cove, just outside of Vegas. I wish I had taken some better pictures of the actual property ( I blame my dumb camera) but it is unreal!! Kaden had a blast going down the waterslides, swimming, eating ice cream, and playing basketball in the pool, the list goes on! It was such a fun trip, thanks soooo much Ben and Kira!

Like I said, my camera was not working so I am blaming it for my lame pictures! You get the point though....we dressed up one day in pirate gear after we finished our treasure hunt that Ben's mom Thoma Lee was nice enough to set up for us! It was a blast!

What a pair. These two are like brother and sister.....the loving and the fighting :-)