Monday, September 22, 2008

I Did It! Finally....

For those of you who have been telling me time after time that I need to read the Twilight series (you know who you are) I finally did it!! It is sad to admit, but I haven't read a book other than lame parenting books (Babywise, How to solve your Child's Sleep Problems, What to expect when You're expecting, etc.......LAME!!!) since I have been married! I love reading but never give myself the time to do it. Since the movie is coming out soon I figured that was good enough incentive for me to get going and read it! Not to mention the fact that I felt totally clueless when everyone would start talking about Edward, Bella, Vampires....I had no clue. Almost everyone i know Looooved the book. My hairdresser told me she had a client who believed she was a vampire and tried to show her the various vampire traits she possessed; her incredible strength, how fast she could run.....she was 10, but still. Needless to say I also loved the book and can't wait to read the rest of them! I read it over the weekend and James was about ready to strangle me because I couldn't put it down!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's TOUGH being a 2-year-old!

This is how I found Kaden literally 30 seconds after he told me he wasn't tired....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gardner Village, and the Alpine Slide!!

Well, we had a pretty good week! I figure the warm weather is quickly coming to an end so we better fill our time with as many outdoor related activities as possible!!! I am really dreading the day that it is too cold to go out and play! Soooo, this week we headed to Gardner Village to walk around, feed the ducks and visit the little petting zoo......

Kaden, Lexi, and Ava loved riding the ponies. Hadley....not so much :-) It was her first time! and WARNING! If you go through the petting zoo with your stroller this goat will eat it! Seriously, this goat was licking, chewing, and attacking my stroller so better leave it out next time.

Group Shot! Kaden wasn't really cooperating, but with 7 kids you can't really expect too much

This weekend we all went up to Park City for a little outlet shopping, Alpine Slide AND Coaster, and our favorite place....BAJA Cantina! We had so much fun, and a group of about 25 for dinner (craziness, as always) Thanks everyone for a FUN night!!!!
I just love these 2! They are just the best of friends, I hope it lasts forever!

Riding up the chair-lift. was freezing!!!

Were ready! The slide was so fun, Kaden and Ava loved it! Kaden may have loved it a little too much, he was crying to go for another ride for the next hour.

One picture from this weekend that I wish I had taken was Friday night, Hadley wrestling with Kaden! It was so funny, she just wanted to tackle him down and he was trying his best to be soft.
So cute.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday James!!!!

So as I was going through all of my pictures I took of james on his birthday, I realized....there was like 2. James would have killed me if I posted them. Did I take any of my kids on James' birthday? Yes. About 200. So I decided to post some oldies of James :-) What a sweetheart! James, I love you soooo much, you are the most wonderful husband I could ever ask for! You are so patient and understanding, such a hard worker... You are such a loving dad, your kids are so lucky to have you. Hope you had a great birthday! Love YA!!!!!

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I almost forgot! James said the last thing he wanted for his birthday was for me to take back the previous comment I wrote on Paytons 6-month post when I said she was a mommy's girl. Ok, I must admit that she is pretty into her Dad. James is so good at making her laugh and smile. Any time I am taking her picture and need her to be happy I make James come and talk to her. She does love her Dad...of course!
We made a little project for Dad that included paint, hands and feet. Payton only got to do feet cause you know what it would have been like trying to get her to cooperate with her hands!

Of course we had to make a birthday cake! More for something to do with the kids than anything. Kaden was into the batter, takes after his daddy!

So don't judge me by my cake.....Kaden helped me (at least that is my excuse)

We lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday.....

and Kaden opened all of James presents, cause every birthday is Kaden's Birthday.

And a rare shot of the headband on Paytons head.....

But that didn't last for long of course

Happy Birthday to my sweet, wonderful husband! I love him so

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Six Months!

Well, my little pumpkin is six months
old! I can't believe it, where has the time
gone, seriously! I have loved every minute
of this sweet little thing...really!!!

Whats going on at six months?
-Well, she is 19.5 pounds
-27 inches
-She still isn't rolling over but that is
actually a plus in my eyes (no rolling off the bed :-)
-She is getting close to sitting up, and just recently
discovered that she actually likes to stand.
-She looooves to hear herself talk, and lately growling
seems to be her sound of choice.
-She's a mommy's girl (sorry hun, I think you've got
Kaden's vote though)
-Still no hair, and to my great dismay she has discovered
her headband and wants to EAT it really bad.
-Plenty of chub rolls, enough to share even!
-Blue Eyes
-Loves to watch her brother do anything!
-No bottle, sadly. Is it too late????
-Loves the BUMBO seat and her bouncer!
-Likes to eat your FACE, or anything she
can grab for that matter.

Love Her!!!!

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