Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ash and Fo's Wedding!

Well the day has finally come and gone! Ashely and Forrest were married on Friday and the day couldn't have gone better! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception equally as amazing. I couldn't believe it all came together but it was fabulous! They had the reception the the Mackintosh's amazing backyard so there was plenty of room for everyone to stay! They also rented a photo booth, and I should have gotten a picture because it was such a cute idea! They come and set it up, the guests get to take as many pictures in it as they want and they print off 2 copies of the picture; 1 for you to take home and the other for the bride and groom to keep for their book. So cute. Congrats Ash, I love you sooooo much!

Kaden couldn't figure out why he couldn't get the doors open!

Kaden was so scared of Ashley in her wedding dress, it was like she was in a Halloween costume and he didn't recognize her or something!

All the cute kids! Kaden, Alli, Taya, Payton, Corbin and Mya

James was self-appointed taxi-driver for the night. I think he thought it would be fun until neighbors started asking for rides home :-)
So not the best picture of the tent, but I got a little side-tracked and soon it was dark and my flash wasn't working!!!! It was beautiful though. We hung about 200 of those chinese lantern balls from the ceiling, had a wonderful buffet of food and the flowers were fabulous!
They covered the tramp so no kids could enjoy it, sorry Kaden! It served as a gift drop-off :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Scarlett

I just took a quick trip to St. George to see the new addition to the Shaw family, little (and I mean little) baby Scarlett. She is so so so precious, just the teeniest thing with tons and tons of hair, lucky girl! She is adorable!!

Just to show you how small Scarlett is (or how big Payton is) here is a little comparison....

Scarlett is 6 days old and of course Kristi looks as good as ever!

Tif, Kristi and Me! Tif has about 4 more weeks to go before we meet her beautiful girlie! Krisit, thanks for letting me come and stay with you and invade your home, love ya girl!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grandpa "Mustache"

For some strange reason lately Kaden has been calling his Grandpa John, Grandpa Mustache. Why? Well for starters he has a mustache. That's pretty obvious, and you know kids, they come up with some pretty wierd ways to explain things, people, places, etc. He will say, "Mommy, are we going to Grandpa Scotts or Grandpa Mustache's?" "Did you know Grandpa Mustace hit me on the head with a baseball, but it was just an accident". Kind of Funny! We will see if that name sticks for good :-)
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Ahhh, Sunday

So I just love Sundays, especially during the Summer. They are pretty relaxing, sleep in, breakfast, movies, get ready and go to church, off the visit the families, then come home and relax some more! Love it. Today I decided to pull out the camera and literally took about 200 pictures just cause I was in the mood and I wanted to document a typical Sunday with my kids! So here it is....

I thought this was so cute, Kaden and Payton layin in the bed watching a movie this morning...


Payton is growing up so fast! I can't believe she is almost 6 months old, where has the time gone? She is seriously the best baby, I feel sooooo lucky to be her mom!!!

Can you see her teeth? She popped out her two lower ones at 4 months and I am pretty sure the uppers on coming in soon! All I can say is we may have to say farewell to nursing sometime soon!

All dressed and ready for church....

The boys and baseball, this could keep them busy for HOURS

Wanna Taste????

Mmmmm..... Payton and Jameson are just discovering each other
Best Friends?
Not now that Payton tried to eat him :-(
What a day!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Babies Babies.....and more Babies!

Last night we we so lucky to have the Bells bring over sweet baby Lola and the Sharps bring over their Triplets!!! Greyson, Beaux, and Saylor. So we had 4 adorable infants, 2 babies Reese and Payton, not to metion Hadley (you will always be our baby, Hads) and the much older and mature Kaden and Avery :-) Grand total of 9. We had a blast with all the kids, and couldn't pass up the photo op's. I was so mad that my camera was acting funny and I couln't get a clear picture! The ones of Hadley eating her lipgloss were way too blury!

Lola, Saylor, Greyson and Beaux

Payton and Reese
They were sooooo funny in their Bumbo seats, Reese tried so hard to grab Payton. They just entertained each other for a good part of the night!

All the girls and the Babes
Um, do you see what I mean about my camera??!!! I need some serious help! I couldn't get a good picture of these 3. Kaden any Avery were treating Hadley like she was their little baby, it was so funny!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And a few randoms....

Go Bee's, Kaden got this at the game the other night, which was soooo much fun! I need to post the pictures!!!!
Boating with the Ferrans...Brooke, Me, Morgan and Heather! We had so much fun, although the weather was not cooperating! Actually neither was Payton. Maybe next time we will attempt to leave her home?????
And Payton's new toy!
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