Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Pictures by Lindsay Wright Photography...

Lindsay was so wonderful to take some fabulous family pictures for us a couple weeks ago! She did such an amazing job and was extremely patient with my little kiddos who were suprisingly on their best behavior that night! We got a good 2 hours out of Payton before she really lost it and Kaden was an angel. I was so happy with all the wonderful shots she was able to get, Lindsay is soooo talented, and as you can see we got a huge variety of pictures!!! So hard to decide, so I apologize for the incredibly long post! Check Lindsay out at
Thanks So Much Linds!!!!



I was bummed that the kids wouldn't really cooperate for this last picture! In every shot either Kaden or Payton were sad :-(

Friday, October 10, 2008


Since Kaden's Uncle Josh works as a strength coach at BYU, he asked him if he would like to come to the Women's Soccer Game last night and be a ball boy! Of course Kaden was way excited about it, and I just prayed he wouldn't go into shy-mode which he often does when he is around unfamiliar people. To my suprise he did awesome, Josh took him onto the field to learn a few moves from the players and he was stoked to run out with one of the girls and throw his ball into the croud. He was the only little ball-person, all the rest were 12-year-old girl soccer players so he was pretty easy to spot as he ran onto the field. You can see him in the picture below running down toward the "Y", he wasn't moving fast enough so the girl finally picked him up and ran with him, it was so funny.

So here the crowd is yelling as all the "Ball-people" are supposed to throw their balls into the crowd. Everyone was trying to coax him to throw the ball out but he just stood there. Then when it was time for the national anthem he just ran in line with the others, ball still in hand. Kaden told us later that he didn't throw the ball because we were too high. Apparently he didn't want to throw it to some stranger, for fear he may never get his ball back :-)
After the national anthem the girls ran into their huddle to do their cheer and Kaden was the last little helper to make it off the field.
He was so excited that he got to keep his ball (since he didn't throw it) and he got a free t-shirt. It was so much fun!! We only made it through the first half of the game because it was freezing and poor Payton was so cold so we headed to the Brick Oven for pizza and BYU beat UNLV 1-0, way to go girls!!!
High fives for Cosmo

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Last night we went this great pumpkin patch and got some great pumpkins! It was this huge field on 11800 south and 3600 west, just by the District. Not sure what the name of it was, but we got 5 pumpkins for a whopping 10 bucks! I think last year we spent about $50, so I was very impressed that we got such a deal :-) they had wheelbarrows that you used to get your pumpkins of choice, also a kids corn maze, and tractors (not for actually riding, just for sitting on). If you do decide to go out there, just make sure you get there before it gets dark because there aren't many lights and it is really hard to be sure your pumpkin isn't completely rotted or deformed. So I will thank Melissa for telling me about this place, Thanks!

Of course my camera is still broken, at least I am not able to see what the picture looks like while I am taking it (what did we ever do without digital cameras??!!) so that is why many of my pictures have people closing their eyes, etc...

Monday, October 6, 2008 over

Well September has come and gone, and I have been neglecting the blog. Mostly because both of my cameras are currently (hopefully temporarily) broken. But I did manage to get some pictures from last month....James and Kaden celebrating the start of the football season, camping, Lake Powell, if you were sick of seeing my last post, here you go!

Go Broncos!

Camping. Well actually just a campfire in the mountains, this is about as close as we get to camping :-)

Payton looooves her Grandma Sherri!

Kaden was cooking hotdogs with Fo while he showed him how to do the "rock on" sign with his hand. He loves doing that for some reason?

Lake Powell! It was so much fun! The weather was perfect, and the water was pure glass practically the entire time we were there! The kids did great too, it was a blast!

Kaden looooooved surfing! He started out by standing on the board behind the houseboat while someone held the board. By the end of the trip we finally convinced him to ride behind the boat on his tummy while Ty, then James rode with him. Of course once he finally did it my camera broke but we were so proud of him :-)

Payton and Hadley in their matching jammies. So cute!

And this is so pathetic but this is the only picture I got from the So YOu Think You Can Dance Concert!! The screen on my camera is blank so it will take a picture but I had no idea of what would actually be in the picture. I think this is Gev and Will? Not sure, but the concert was amazing!! We had a blast, I am so glad we went!!!