Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Aquarium

Oh, the aquarium. It has provided us with hours and hours of entertainment this year, when the weather is too cold to play outside! Kaden's favorite things about the aquarium are: 
1. Petting the sting rays. He loves this and has to touch at least one each time we go!
2. Driving the "boat". There is always a fight over this one.
3. The store on the way out. I let him buy a toy once so naturally he would assume we would get one every time, right?! {wrong}

I asked Payton the same question, "What is your very favorite thing to see at the Aquarium?" Her response was "Hadley". Of course, I shouldn't expect any different. For Payton, everything is fun when Hadley is around!
Hopefully we won't be seeing the Aquarium for a while, and will be spending all of our free time at the pool/zoo/park, any place that takes us in the sun!!
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