Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Need to CatCH UP!

On my blogging! We have had a lot of things going on that I want to post about but I have been bloggin lazy!!!! Payton was blessed a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful! She is getting so big, we had her 2 month appt. and she was 14.5 pounds! Not quite as big as Kaden (he was 16.8 pounds at 2 months) but she is sure getting there :-) Mothers day was so great, James bought me a new camera that I am super excited to use! And a lot of other things, you know how it is when you have a blog. Everything is like; Oh! I want to blog about that! And then at least for me, I nag myself constantly until I get it done. Anyways I am rambling but more posts/pictures to come tomorrow!