Wednesday, June 3, 2009


About 4 years ago when I first found out that I was pregnant with a boy, I thought to myself....what in the world am I going to do with a boy??? Ok, that sounds bad but what I meant really was that I know nothing about these so-called sports that my wonderful husband loves so dearly, and that boys all love so much. And the rough stuff, wrestling, boxing, getting dirty (ok, I don't mind getting dirty but not so much the other stuff). It is all so foreign to me.....and I have to say now that although I still may not know that much about sports, I know that I love watching my son learn new things. I love that he wants to play every sport imaginable and was thrilled to get him started in his very first official sports league, I didn't want to miss a second of it! It is funny to see how girls and boys are so different....Kaden is constantly trying to get Hadley to play baseball with him and she just looks at him like, I don't have a clue why you want to play this....where's my princesses??!!
So for the past 4 months Kaden has been doing his latest Little Gym class called "mini-jacks". This is basically a class for {boys} to learn all about sports! Kaden has absolutely looooooved it!! They learned about hockey, golf, baseball, tennis, and a little bit of gymnastics. This was the first time Kaden has done a class with out me, and it was so fun to watch him make new friends and branch out to be a bit more independent. There was a time when he was so shy I couldn't pry his hands off my leg, so I am thrilled to know he will probably go to preschool without a fight :-)

Today was his LAST class of mini-jacks (sadly) and they put on a little show for the parents. Each of the boys had a chance to do all of the things they have learned for the past few months on their own. They did a short beam routine (quite funny) complete with brushes, leg kicks, turns and possibly even an arabesque :-). Next was a little bar routine (equally as humorous) and then they showed off all of the sports they learned. Running, catching a "grounder" and throwing it to first. Hitting the ball of the T, putting a ball then finishing off with shooting the hockey puck into the net. They all got a medal at the end and did a big "ta-da". So fun, I will miss it.

Hitting the ball....

Making his shot.....

His adorable class, 13 crazy boys

We also recently finished up with Kaden's first T-ball league!! This was also so much fun, Kaden got a chance to play with a couple of his buddies Parker and Nicholas and he loved it! The first game was the best, none of the kids knew what in the world was going on. Each grounder hit was followed by a 10-child pile up as each of the boys tried to get the ball first. There were kids tackling each other, eating dirt, and who knows what else was going on out there. It was so fun to go and watch Kaden, he was so intense yet couldn't focus on the coach long enough to watch the ball coming to him. Can't wait for soccer! Anyone know of a good league for 3-year old this summer/fall???

Group shot, don't mind that Kaden looks like he was crying and didn't want his picture taken......cause he was.

Winding up for the throw

Kaden's victory dance for making it to first (yes yes, they all make it to first)

After the experience from the first game the coaches got smart and had each child take a turn to catch the ball in the outfield. The other kids waited patiently......

Good Game, Good Game
I love this last picture because it shows Kaden's serious concentration in his effort to make it to home. His tongue sticking out, his arms pumping. Seriously funny

The day of the FINAL game (the one Kaden had been looking forward to all month because it is the one where he would get his trophy) the coach got "sick" and the game was "cancelled". At least that is what I had to tell Kaden because I mistakenly thought the game was at 6:30 when actually it was at 5:30 and I missed the whole stupid thing. I don't think I have ever felt so bad, I almost cried because I knew how excited Kaden was for his last game. Luckily the only thing Kaden really cared about was his trophy and once Parker brought it by all was good with the world. How much longer will my kids be that easy to please?